Pat Connaughton “Put A Couple Brothers On A Poster!”

Above is the NBA tweet about Pat Connaughton showing off his 44-inch vert during the Bucks beatdown on the Warriors. The best part about Pat’s dunk wasn’t the actual dunk but the amusing commentary by TNT’s Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan that the NBA didn’t want to include in their post because the internet is overflowing with oversensitive members of the PC police.

Reggie Miller: Pat Connaughton put a couple brothers on a poster right there. He did!
Kevin Harlan: You know we are still on the air?
Reggie Miller: Oh yeah. Poster! Cause I said a couple brothers? Ok, a couple people on a poster.

You can hear the full exchange from the live TV broadcast in the uncut video below.

Pat, who finished with a season-high 15 points on 7-of-11 shooting, retweeted the NBA’s no-fun version of the video with this caption: “Stereotypes…smh.”


As I mentioned earlier, Pat has an impressive 44-inch vert, which was the top max vert at the 2015 NBA Draft combine. Here’s what he had to say to MassLive at the combine about his ability to break stereotypes.

“I think the adjective everyone uses is ‘deceptively athletic. For me, I try to disprove that day-in and day-out. The funniest things are when you’re in warmup lines, or you’re in a San Antonio Spurs workout, and they say, ‘Do a highlight reel dunk that you want to do.’ After I do it, guys, kids, people I’m playing with, they’re like, ‘Wow. I didn’t know you could jump like that. I was shocked.’ It’s not even like an, ‘Ohhh,’ type thing. It’s a dead silence type thing. And it’s kind of cool. It’s something I’ve always prided myself on.”

And here’s a few more videos Pat should be proud of and Reggie Miller would probably enjoy.



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