Pat The Roc Nutmegs Snoop Dogg in Flint Hoop 4 Water Charity Game

Players in this post:
Morris Peterson Mateen Cleaves

At age 44, Snoop Dogg is still lacing up the sneakers and taking the court with those power lungs of his. On Saturday, the Hip-Hop legend teamed up with former NBA player and Michigan State star Morris Peterson for the Hoop 4 Charity Celeb game in Flint, Michigan.

“We’re here to try to fix the problem,” Said Snoop Dogg, who met with the Mayor back in January. “That’s why we’re bringing joy and happiness and a basketball game so people can have some fun. But no one understands what the cause is. We’re here to make sure we get the problem fixed out here with the water situation.”

Other participants included Mo Pete’s former teammate and Flint native Mateen Cleaves, Detroit Lions’ Eric Ebron, NBA impersonator BdotAdot5, a few local rappers and streetball legend Pat The Roc. Pat scored 40 and had one of the highlights of the night when he “nutmeg” Snoop on a 1-on-1 play (video below).

But don’t feel too bad for Snoop, he actually forced a 10-second violation – in front of Coach Tom Izzo – in a celebrity game.