Patrick Beverley Shows This Young Girl No Mercy In A Game Of 1-on-1

Love him or hate him…or really dislike him, or kind of dislike him or wish Russell Westbrook would just kick his ass because of the way he plays defense, you got to give Patrick Beverley some credit for being so committed to playing defense.  He not only will do any and everything to get under your favorite point guard’s skin, he will even play lock down defense on kids at the local park.

Check out this video of a young girl playing 1-on-1 with the 2015 Skills Challenge winner. He showed her absolutely no mercy by hitting her with Hakeem moves, trolling her by getting 10 offensive boards on one shot, yelled “get that shit outta here” after blocking her shot and then told her to get her ass off the court after beating her! The only thing missing from this beatdown was a dunk like the one he had on Bosh and Birdman.