Patrick McCaw Leaves Game In A Stretcher After Being Undercut By Vince Carter

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In the final minute of the third quarter between the Warriors and Kings, Vince Carter undercut Patrick McCaw as the second-year guard went up for a shot. McCaw fell to the ground and remained there for about 10 minutes. A remorseful looking Carter stood by McCaw as Steve Kerr tried to comfort the 41-year-old veteran who is in his 19th season and doesn't have a history of being a dirty player.

"Vince felt awful and Pat was in extreme pain," Kerr said. "Everybody felt bad. All we can do is just hope we get a positive response from the hospital. At this point, we don't know anything."

Kevin Durant also said he and his teammates didn't think Vince -- who visited the Warriors locker room and apologized to the team after the game -- intentionally tried to hurt McCaw.

"Nobody in our locker room thinks Vince did that on purpose," Said Durant. "know Vince's spirit and his heart and I don't believe it was intentional at all. It looked like he was just caught in the middle of wanting to get in the play and wanting to move out of the way. Pat was just coming so fast and it was just an unfortunate play."

"I just hope he's okay," Said a visibly distraught Carter to the media after the game. "I play this game because I love it and enjoy it and not for that, not to see young guys get hurt. He has a bright future and I hate to see it. You can tell me whatever, it was an accident...I just don't like to see it. Seeing him sitting there in pain saying he can't feel his lower half. I don't know. It just doesn't sit well with me."


  • A chest X-ray came back clear. He's awaiting results of a CT scan and will undergo a MRI. (via Warriors PR)
  • McCaw will miss at least the next 3 games with a spinal contusion. He cleared all medical tests and expected to be released from the hospital on Sunday (via Mark Medina)