Paul George 2 hand block on Rodney Stuckey’s dunk attempt

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Paul George Rodney Stuckey

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In 1 year, Paul George went from underrated player and one of the league’s best dunkers to underrated All-Star and one of the league’s best do-it-all players.  He can get up and dunk you, he can shoot from downtown (but probably shouldn’t be in the 3 point contest again), he can rack up enough assists for a triple double and he can embarrass a player on defense.  Last night, the Piston’s Rodney Stuckey learned that when he has his dunk attempt blocked with 2 hands by George.

Paul had a modest stat line of 12 and 7 but that’s because he only played 25 minutes in a 32 point victory.

For those who aren’t big boxscore watchers, check out a few of these stat lines from the all-star this year

  • 23pts 12rebs 12ast
  • 16pts 17rebs 4blks
  • 34pts 9rebs 3stls 2blks
  • 15pts 8rebs 8ast 4stls
  • 14pts 15rebs 5ast
  • 37pts 4rebs 4ast
  • 29pts 14rebs 3ast
  • 24pts 11rebs 5ast 6stls
  • 31pts 6ast 6stls
  • 26pts 14rebs 5ast

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