Paul George, Brandon Jennings, Nick Young, Metta & other pros show out at the Drew League (WK8)

Check out a recap of week 8 at the Nike Drew League featuring a 360 windmill dunk by Paul George, an offensive explosion from Brandon Jennings and a bunch of nice highlights from Nick Young, Baron Davis, Austin Daye, Derrick Williams, Doug Thomas and Kwame Alexander.

Below are some great pics from the week by the very talented Cassy Athena.

070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-6020 070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-5999 070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-4676 070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-4341 070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-4297 070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-4072 070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-3833 070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-3696 070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-3252 070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-3528 070614_DrewLeagueWk08_Sun-2478

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