Paul George appears in NBA Yahoo Fantasy League commercial

I'm not sure why there's not a 23rd floor on this elevator but I know very few players are rising to the top of fantasy drafts like the featured Paul George.

George's stats have been rising each year and this should be the All-Star season where George goes from Roto friendly to Roto superstar in Fantasy leagues.  His scoring has gone from 8 to 12 to 17 while rebounds and steals have gone up almost by 2 each season.  He finished last season with an average of 17/8/5/2/1 with 2 3 pointers and ESPN has him duplicating those numbers this season but with 4 more points in the scoring department.

Those apples are good enough to make him a late 1st round pick and behind only LeBron, Durant and Kevin Love at the forward position. If your league has a SF position then only KD & LeBron are ahead of him which means George is now ahead of players like Melo, Gay and Josh Smith.



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