Paul George Takes & Makes A Game-Winning Shot In New Gatorade Ad

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“Ball game!”

So this is why Paul George said, “In situations like that, I’ve got to the get the last shot” after CJ Miles missed a potential game-winner at the end of the Pacers’ GM1 loss to the Cavs.

In this new Gatorade ad, titled, ‘Paul George’s Smooth Finish,’ George takes a drink of Gatorade Flow, then takes and makes a game-winning shot with Soul of Mischief’s ’93 Till Infinity’ playing in the background and Mighty Joe Young going crazy on the sidelines. Pretty cool and I wouldn’t mind seeing this actually happen during the Pacers and Cavs series. But, I still feel CJ did the right thing by taking that shot and I’m not saying that because George is 0-15 on game-winning attempts in the last 20 seconds of a game. I’m saying it because I agree with CJ that he is “one of the best shooters in the league” and it was a good look.