Paul George, Klay Thompson & DeMarcus Cousins Make Fun Of Team USA Players Shots

After DeMarcus Cousins roasted Draymond Green over his “hacked d**k shot,” Cousins had some fun mocking Green’s jump shot. But not before Paul George had some fun telling Boogie how he “hates” the way Cousins shoots the ball.

Klay Thompson also joined the fun as the three USA players made fun of each other’s shooting form and then played a game of Bank aka Graduation aka Jackpot aka Stacks aka 7 Up.

Say what you want about Boogie’s shooting form but he can shoot and I’m not just saying for centers.

Shout out to Baller Visions for capturing the roast and I’m sorry a bunch of copycats on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are going to download your videos today, re-upload them and not give you any credit. Welcome to the club!