Paul George Receives Shoes From His Childhood Idol, Kobe Bryant, After A 4th Quarter Duel

Growing up in Palmdale California, The Knucklehead Clippers, with Q, Corey, Darius and Lamar Odom, was Paul George’s favorite team, but Kobe Bryant was his favorite player.

On Monday night, George got to play against his idol one last time and they both made it a memorable one by having a late 4th quarter duel. Kobe had 3 consecutive 3-pointers in the final 5 minutes and PG13 responded with 7 points in the final 71 seconds to help the Pacers pull out a 2 point (89-87) win.

After the game, George posted a picture of Kobe giving him a pair of his sneakers with the following caption, “Thanks for everything! From a far, YOU put that ball in my hand as a youngin! #Legend”

“Kobe was my Jordan,” George said earlier this season. “Watching him win championships, I remember being at home just watching the games with my mom, my grandma and my dad and just idolizing him. I’m not saying he’s better than Jordan, but to me growing up, that’s who I idolized.”