Paul George & Lance dominate the Indiana Pacers’ Top 10 Plays Of 2013/2014

Players in this post:
Paul George Lance Stephenson

Paul George, Lance, PG, Lance, PG. PG, PG, ROY HIBBERT, Lance and of course Paul George.  Although Roy Hibbert did make the All-Star team,  he had one very forgettable 2nd half of the season and playoff run.  I have a feeling he should be making more appearances on this list next season with Lance gone..or the top 10 will just be all Paul George clips.

If you want to compare the top 10 to the Paul George top 10 then check this video out.

Bonus: All 69 dunks from PG

pg-dunk-lebron tumblr_n32wvy9JoT1qakqfso1_500




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