Paul George on Jimmy Kimmel Live | talks about Kobe & says he would enter dunk contest if Jimmy was a prop

Paul George is still toying with the idea of making his return to the NBA dunk contest next month and on Jimmy Kimmel Live, George said he would consider competing if Jimmy was in it with him.  Kimmel, the big basketball fan that he is, agreed to the idea, so if we do see George in the event, you can thank Jimmy Kimmel for it.

George originally said he was waiting to see what his competition would be like before saying yes and I think many other players on the fence are doing the same.  Hopefully George will say yes and it creates a snowball effect for the event.

We also learned during the interview that George grew up a fan of the knucklehead Clippers with Q, Corey, Dooling, Darius Miles and Lamar Odom but his favorite player was Kobe Bryant.  He then told an amusing story about Kobe giving him a cheap gut check shot.

Kimmel then asked him about his boss Larry Bird and George added to the Larry Legend legacy by talking about the time Bird hit about 15 straight shots in practice while wearing slacks and then walked out of the gym.

The last thing they discussed was George’s need for a nickname.  Some call him King George but since LeBron has King James, you don’t want a similar nickname.  Bill Simmons suggested George change his number to 13 so he could be called PG-13.   George agreed that wasn’t that bad of an idea.

It’s not and neither is entering the dunk contest….



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