So Paul George’s dunks are now exciting to the average fan | Reverse dunk against the Rockets

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Roy Hibbert Paul George

This is interesting.  So in 2012, Paul George jumps and dunks over 2 people including Roy Hibbert, then does a reverse 360 in the dark and then a slap the backboard reverse dunk and people moaned and complained that they wanted to see “stars” in the NBA dunk contest and not “scrubs with gimmicks.”

Here we are in late 2013 and Paul George is a MVP type star and he does a simple wide open reverse dunk and the internet goes nuts.  There’s even people on Twitter saying the NBA needs to put George in the NBA dunk contest after watching that dunk.

The reason for the flip in interest is because people rather see “great players” do mediocre dunks than “mediocre players” do great dunks.   This is why those same people tweeted they were bored during George’s dunks in 2012 but go acronym crazy every time he dunks now.

I actually would love to see George BACK in the contest (if the NBA would quit effing around with the format and rules) but not to see him do a reverse dunk.  We are talking about a man who can do a 360 between the legs dunk…




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