Paul George Took Exception To Kyle Lowry Falling On His Arm, Picks Up A Tech

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Kyle Lowry Paul George

Paul George scored a playoff career-high 38 points along with 8 boards and 8 dimes in a heartbreaking 3 point loss to the Raptors in GM5 on Tuesday.  He also picked up his 3rd tech in 3 games after taking exception to Kyle Lowry falling on his arm in the 3rd quarter. Was it intentional? I don’t think so.

As painful as that fall was, it probably wasn’t nowhere near as painful to George as watching the final seconds of the game, when he fumbled the ball, passed it to Solomon Hill, watched Hill’s 3 drop to put the game into OT and then hear the refs call it off.

“It’s awful to have had a chance to win on the road, go up 3-2, and come back home,” George said. “Once again, we failed to live up to that moment.

To add insult to injury, Drake posted this meme of George after the game.