36yo Paul Pierce with the clutch 4th quarter dunk “over” Dalembert

36  year old Paul Pierce has never been known for dunking and/or posterizing defenders but he’s had his share of nasty facials over the past 16 years and even competed against Vince Carter in the McDonalds All-American High School Dunk Contest.

Last night during the Net’s OT victory over the Mavs, Pierce stunned the crowd with a clutch dunk “over” Samuel Dalemebert last in the 4th quarter.  Pierce finished with 15 points but 9 of those came from the free throw line as he was only able to connect on 2 of his 9 field goal attempts.

Dirk, who came into the league the same season as Pierce, only had 10 points on 2 of 12 shooting.



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