Paul Pierce joins the 76ers Huddle | Having a great quiet season

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Paul Pierce is a sneaky guy. A well liked and respected all-star of a guy that isn’t making noise and putting up GOAT numbers like a Kobe is right now but here’s the truth on The Truth.  Pierce is 35 years old, like Kobe has played his entire career with 1 team, is a clutch champion and future hall of famer.  Unlike Kobe, Pierece is  QUIETLY having another great season averaging 19/7/5/1 and his team is currently on a 4 game winning streak.

Against the win against the 76ers, he quietly put up a near Rondo game with 18 points 11 rebounds and 7 assists and that’s not because he knew the plays the 76ers were running by hanging out in their huddles.  Want a louder triple double?  How about a 27 point 14 rebound 14 assist Rondo last month against the Nuggets. So how do you like them (green) apples?

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