Paul Pierce talks retirement, fatherhood, trash-talking, childhood idols & running NY in DuJour Magazine

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The Truth was all about giving the truth and his opinions in the latest issue of DuJour magazine where the new Net talks about being a father to his two girls and 5 month old son, trash talking, superstitions  and

 DJ: You’ve had a pretty incredible 15 years. Are you starting to think about retirement?
Paul Pierce: I think about it sometimes… a lot lately. Hopefully, if I can play another year after this, that would be great. But I want to stay involved in the game of basketball—maybe coaching or managing a team. I can lend something to the game based on my experience and what I’ve been through. Hopefully. Or a basketball analyst, I think I’d be good at that.

DJ: When the trade was made official, how did you find out?
PP: I knew it was coming. [My agent and I] talked about it, and there were a few options out there, but we just felt Brooklyn was the best fit. So I kind of had the feeling leading up to the trade that something was going to happen with Brooklyn. But it’s not the case in all situations. Sometimes guys find out from Twitter or Sports Center.

DJ: There’s already been a lot of trash-talking between you and the Knicks. Is it genuine or are you just trying to create buzz around the rivalry?
PP: I’ve never really liked the Knicks anyway. We had a rivalry being in Boston…so I moved over to Brooklyn and we’re still in the same division playing for the same division championship, ultimately to see who’s going be the king of the East. I think the rivalry wouldn’t be as good if you didn’t have both teams at the level that they’re at.

DJ: Are you a superstitious type of guy on game days? Do you have any rituals?
PP: I don’t know if you’d really call them superstitions. I just stick with what works. I eat the same thing before every game. Grilled salmon, baked potato, broccoli. If I take a certain route to a game and we play well and win, then I want to take that route again. But if we lose, I might try a different route. Or if I wear a certain suit and have my best game, I’ll save that suit for another big game. Little stuff like that…I guess in a way I am superstitious.

DJ: What players did you idolize growing up?
PP: Magic Johnson. Because I grew up in Inglewood, California, I would watch the Laker games and then I’d go down to the court and try to emulate him. He was really my motivation to play basketball and try to be one of the best.

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