PBA: Nico Salva with the “Tornado Drive” of the game against Ogie Menor

I’ve seen dunk of the game, assist of the game, (insert local sponsor sname) of the game and drive of the game in US basketball games but I haven’t seen the “Tornado Drive” in the states.  Too bad the Lakers didn’t have it during Shaq’s prime years when he was punishing centers (Sabonis always comes to mind) with his trademark “black tornado” move.

Over in the PBA,  Ogie Menor had the pleasure of getting caught up in Nico Salva’s tornado (sponsored by FOTON) that left him on the ground.

If you want to know more about Nico then check out this feature (sponsored by GATORADE) appropriately titled “Driven.”

If you don’t remember Shaq’s “Black Tornado” then here’s a refreshener or history lesson.


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