Penny Hardaway on D’Angelo Russell, “I Knew He Was Special A Long Time Ago”

Here’s a few pennies for your thoughts.

The lovely Serena Winters of Lakers Nation recently caught up with the great Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway at the 16th annual Harold & Carole Pump Foundation gala and discussed a few things like the great Elgin Baylor, his favorite point guards today and his thoughts on the Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell.

“I coached against D’Angelo in AAU, so I knew he was special a long time ago.” Penny replied. “I think he’s going to grow into his shoes. He had big shoes coming out after one year and coming to a stage like this, especially behind Kobe.

“I think he’s going to be OK later on.”

He also said he think D’Angelo needs to work on his scoring since his “playmaking abilities are already there.”

I hate to challenge anything my favorite and your favorite player’s favorite player has to say, but I feel the total opposite. We know D’Angelo can put up points, I want to see him do what Penny used to do, which was not try to score 30 but make sure your teammates are in the best position to do so.