People On Twitter Wondering Why Pau Gasol & Ibaka Played for Spain Instead of the USA. LOL(s) Of The Day

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I’ll refrain using any other word to describe the following tweets and stick to just calling them amusing. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for their own sake. Oh lawd.


This the first basketball game I’ve caught of the Olympics can someone explain to me why Gasol playing for Spain??
12 ago 12


I need another answer besides Gasol from Spain, I know that but he play for the US sooo, again did he have a choice to play for Spain?
12 ago 12

Milah @JustMilah_

umm question why is Gasol playing for Spain ?!
12 ago 12

Kelly @itsladolcevita

I’m confused as 2 y Pau & Marc Gasol R playing 4 Spain? I know they’re from Spain but they’re American so R they also playing 4 team #USA?
6 ago 12

Sarah Huizar @saritacheeks

Hey, what the hell, isn’t Gasol American ???? #Olympics2012 #MensBasketball
8 ago 12

yeyen @Yeyen_neyeY

Just realised gasol is a spanish . I thought he is american @mansville2
10 ago 12

Rugby Thompson @Carl_TheTruth

Why Ibaka playing for Spain I thought he was from the U.S
12 ago 12

MagicCityRegi @MagicCityRegi

Am I the only one weirded out whenever an American is playing for another country? #Olympics2012 #basketball #Ibaka #Gasol #USA
12 ago 12

I❥shanie @_iLoveShanie

So serge ibaka not playin for USA? I’m confused..
12 ago 12

August 12th ♥ ♌ @shana_monique

I find it weird how Gasol is playing for Spain and he’s on an American team. That’s so stupid
12 ago 12

Andrew Cobb @Cobb_A18

Gasol quit complaining you live in America you make American money and you have a huge house in America! What has Spain done for you?….
12 ago 12

julien nicolee . @LookThereJuju

are you sure gasol is mexican? cause that nigga be looking white as hail LOL
12 ago 12

Ross E. Reitsma @RossReitsma

If you live in America, Work in America, speak english, and pay Taxes here – are you not American?? Gausol’s and Ibaka!! – American’s!!
12 ago 12

Genenne @Genenne

Maybe I don¿t understand the concept of the Olympics but why is Gasol playing on Spain¿s team and not USA? Please don¿t crucify me lol


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