Phil Jackson predicts Spurs will beat Heat in NBA Finals

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Phil Jackson

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Phil Jackson upset a lot of Kobe fans and the younger generations of basketball fans last month when he finally talked about the differences between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  Now it’s time for Phil to upset LeBron fans and some more younger fans.

At a recent book signing for his new book “11 Rings” he was asked who he thought would win the NBA Finals and he picked the San Antonio Spurs over the Heat.  The vertically shot (stop doing this people!) video above will probably end up as one of the bigger conversation starters today but I’m not 100% sure I think Phil thinks that.

Everything he has said or done since his Twitter “error” launch in March has been a calculated promotional move to move copies of his new book and this answer will surely land him in a lot of news and blog posts today that will all reference the book “11 Rings.” Then again, maybe he’s just like 65% of the voters on Sportsnation.



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