Phil Jackson says Jordan would beat Kobe Bryant 1-on-1 & LeBron over KD

In a 2010 interview with Kobe Bryant, Kobe, without hesitation, explained why he would beat LeBron one-on-one because “that’s his thing” and “at the core” of Kobe, he’s a one-on-one player and LeBron is more of a Magic Johnson type.  It was a typical cocky answer from Kobe that shouldn’t surprise anybody.

Then in 2012, Kobe again showed his confidence when it came to one-on-one challenges when Kyrie Irving challenged him.

Late last year, a 50 year old Michael Jordan was asked about playing a lot of the elite players of today in a game of one-on-one and the GOAT also said he would beat LeBron but not Kobe because Bryant “steals his moves.”

Yesterday, the man who coached Jordan and Kobe in their primes sat down with one of his ex players, Gary Payton, for a Fox Sports interview where he answered a series of who would win in a game of one-on-one questions.

Phil Jackson picked Shaq over Dwight (no brainer), Bird over Magic Johnson, LeBron over Durant and Michael Jordan over Kobe Bryant.

Jackson then tells a hilarious story about the time he asked Michael Jordan to talk to Kobe Byrant about the way he plays and the first thing Kobe said to Jordan was “I could kick your ass one-on-one.”  Jordan’s response was “You might.”

You can watch the full interview here.





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