Phil Jackson says Spike Lee “doesn’t know anything about basketball”

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So who does?  If the ultimate Knicks fan who made Michael Jordan’s first great commercials in 1988 and is currently in the process of creating a documentary about the triangle offense to go on his portfolio which includes his documentary about Kobe, the classic “He Got Game” and countless other films that featured scenes about basketball legends doesn’t know anything about basketball then I’m pretty sure the number of people he would say are knowledgeable of the game is less than the number of rings he has.

But I think the Zenmaster, who does makes a cameo in the upcoming Spike Lee joint film called What is the Triangle Offense? A Spike Lee Orange and Blue Skies Joint,” was just being himself and taking, as ESPN called it, a “playful shot” at the longtime Knicks season ticket holder.

Phil also joked that he hopes the film isn’t too instructional for opponents.

“The less they know, the better off we are,” he said.