Suns celebrate 20 year anniversary of Kevin Johnson’s dunk on Hakeem

During halftime of the Suns & Rockets game on Sunday night, Phoenix celebrated the 20th anniversary of the one of the greatest dunks of all-time and probably the greatest dunk in franchise history: The Mayor over the Dream (Tom Chamber’s dunk on Mark Jackson gets consideration)!

The celebrated dunk happened during the final minutes of Game 4 of the WCSF in 1994, when the now mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson, went baseline and dunked over the best defender in the league: Hakeem Olajuwon.

Hakeem was actually a good sport about it and complimented the “little man” for his dunk.


Maybe the main reason why Hakeem didn’t seem to care that much is because they were still up and ended up winning that game, the series and NBA championship.



The Houston Rockets Twitter account didn’t think that dunk was worthy enough to be celebrated two decades later and joked about celebrating Dwight Howard’s lefty oop 20 years from now.  The Suns Twitter account responded with, “call us when it happens in the playoffs.”

The Rockets ended the amusing Twitter exchange with a pic of the 94 Rockets celebrating their NBA championship.

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