Pic of the Day: A Young Evan Turner posing with Shaq

I think it’s always awesome when you hear stories about current NBA players meeting NBA players of the past. In this pic, Evan Turner looks real happy to be posing with a much slimmer looking Shaq than what Turner is probably used to seeing now.

Speaking of Shaq, he once said that David Robinson blew him off at a camp and that’s where his beef with the Admiral started. Shaq also talked about the time Penny Hardaway didn’t have much time for a kid after a playoff game so he spent some time with him. That kid turned out to be Kobe Bryant. And in his book, Shaq wrote, “I don’t know why, but I knew I was going to see that young cat again. I just knew.”

I’m not sure if I believe that quote but it makes for good storytelling.

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