Pissed-Off Guy Threatens John Wall & Brandon Jennings Outside Of Club

Most of us have that one family member or friend that always has to get over-dramatic and start cursing and finger pointing at events. And most of us probably just stand there in silence or ignore the person the way a parent ignores a temper tantrum throwing child. The guy threatening Brandon Jennings and John Wall outside of a LA club in this TMZ video looked a lot like that crazy Uncle after a few drinks and war stories everybody has heard a million times. Jennings and Wall obviously didn’t take the guy too seriously since they just stared and smiled back at him (according to the video footage).

And from the end of the video, it seems as if Bradley Beal is the peace-making grandma nobody has issues with.

Speaking of Beal, congrats to him for breaking Gilbert Arenas’ single-season franchise record for three-pointers with 206.