Annoyed Russell Westbrook on Marcus Smart’s Career-High Game: “I Do This, Don’t Get It Twisted. We’ll See Him Again”

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After the Celtics’ Marcus Smart dropped a career-high 26 points in a 100-85 win over the Durant-less Thunder on Sunday, Russell Westbrook was asked if he thought Smart could match-up with him and if there was “anything special about the way he played tonight.”

“Uh, Nah. I don’t agree with you, but no.” replied an eye twitching Westbrook. “He had a good game. 82 games. I do this. Don’t get it twisted.”

When asked again about the match-up, Westbrooked said,

“Don’t get it twisted. He had a good game, another game tomorrow. We’ll see him again.”

Thankfully Westbrook stayed cool and didn’t get to this point with the reporter.

“That’s the type of guy that Russ is. He loves challenges and he’s gonna try to do his best every time, and vice versa with me,” said Smart after the game. “You put two guys like that going against each other and, obviously, we’re going to knock heads.”

The next time the two knocks heads will be March 16th 2016 so mark your calendars.



I think we should hook Westbrook up with our “I do it” t-shirt – shout out to streetball/dunk phenom G-Smith modeling the shirt.