Ep. 120 - Hoops During a World Crisis: Overseas Plight for Pros

On Episode 120 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, co-hosts Ronnie Flores and Chelsea Hopkins dish on plight of overseas pro players during this time of crisis.

Chelsea gives her unique perspective on the Russian invasion of Ukraine while currently finishing up her season in Israel. The long-time overseas pro also gives her insight on the ordeal of fellow pro players who played this season in Russia and Ukraine, including friend Maurice Creek, and her take on Brittney Griner's current detainment in at country at War.

(0:00) - Intro

(2:01) - Chelsea Hopkins’ current status as pro in Israel 

(4:36) - What Info Was Israel Privy to about Russian’s Invasion? 

(10:37) - New BIL Women’s Gear Drop & Shop.Ballislife.com Discount Code 

(12:49) - State Championship Preview & Ron’s CIF Open Predictions! 

(22:32) - Chelsea’s Take on Lakers’ Drama

(30:05) - Hoops in Time of Crisis Overview

(33:28) - Chelsea on Maurice Creek’s Plight in Ukraine

(39:45) - Chelsea on Misinformation Surrounding Brittney Griner

(42:55) - Ron on Uninformed American Slant

(49:35) - WNBA Drama: Liberty Fine, Un-Invested Owners, Social Media Spats

(1:05:08) - Chelsea’s Perspective on Being an Overseas Pro Veteran
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