PODCAST: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf On His Time At LSU, The Anthem, BIG3, Steph Comparisons and More!

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In the latest episode of Positionless, legendary point-guard and sharpshooter Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (previously known as Chris Jackson) talked about his college, professional and BIG3 careers, being a peer of Gary Payton’s and now being coached by him, his anthem stance, common misconceptions about him or his game and more.

In the interview, he discussed his continuous hunger and drive to be a winner and compete even at the age of 50 years old. Along with his thoughts on the BIG3 and what it’s given him plus more.

On his notable anthem stance (13:10), Mahmoud said “The thing that toughest thing for me is that when people don’t know you and they are quick to gravitate to what they hear in the media, ¬†and the media was literally, I usually use the term assassinate my character. Yeah. They didn’t know who I was. They didn’t know what my heart was, you know, and saying all of these things, you know, he’s a troublemaker. He’s this, he’s that, which was the furthest thing from the truth cause my teammates and I got along with everybody.”

On his comparisons with Stephen Curry (11:36), he said “There are different areas, but we do have similarities. He gets his shot off quick. I was known to have a quick release. He’s a player that can isolate you. He can come off screens, he can shoot the deep ball, he can shoot the mid range and he can pull it at different angles. And those are the things that I, you know, especially at my size, he’s a bit taller than me. What about three, three more inches? But, those are things that I prided myself on. We’ve been able to do and had to do against bigger guys. So there’s definitely some similarities to our play, but it’s a different era now. They’re shooting threes, like we shot twos. You may have been 13, 15 attempts back then. That just wasn’t what was promoted. Take it to the big man to work off. Even if the big man was not a force, you go through the big man and you don’t shoot that many threes. That was every blue moon. Yeah. But, it’s definitely nice to watch, man. He can just flat out play and I love to see it.”

On the BIG3 and the difficulty of 3-on-3 (5:00): “In 3-on-3, you’re exposed. Whether it’s defensively or offensively, you have to recover quicker than 5-on-5…It’s like one-on-one in a sense. There’s, in a sense, no help. You have to be able to guard and get rid of that guy to score. And if you do it enough, there’s going to be help and that’s when things open up for you.”

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