2022 World Cup Final with Isaac K. Lee

The pitch? Kits? Offsides? You don't have to know any soccer terms to know that the 2022 World Cup Final was an electric game. Here to break down soccer and this astonishing game is producer, audio engineer, and musician Isaac K Lee, who also talks about being a Clippers fan (12:00), sports and patriotism (51:00), and his favorite musican (01:08:28)
Showtime Codes: 
(12:30) How people become Clippers' fans.  (21:20) Who is the top dog in soccer? (32:50) The breakdown of all your favorite silly soccer terms (34:30) What is the world cup? (47:44) The lung capacity of Mbappe  (52:30) New Segment: HOT TAKES!  (52:40) The best looking trophy  (54:20) Isaac's journey into the podcasting world  (01:07:45) Best song parody artist of all time (01:08:50) Best nickname in sports

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