Anything Is Possible with Josh Gondelman

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Will the BEST Lakers fan induct a Boston Celtics moment into the First Ballot: Hall of Fame? Comedian and writer, Josh Gondelman, joins the pod to discuss Kevin Garnett's impassioned speech after winning the 2008 NBA Finals, his Twitter Pep Talks, and his favorite cereal.

(08:17) Neil Making Enemies
(11:34) KG is a CELTIC
(14:03) Breaking a sweat with KG
(16:17) KG's favorite movie
(19:27) Neil's 2008 Finals experience
(23:46) The Paul Pierce Wheelchair Incident
(34:08) Josh's favorite thing about the 2008 Celtics
(44:27) The Energy on the Floor
(47:18) So good, it has to be scripted?!
(53:48) Josh's Twitter Pep Talks
(58:22) The biggest moment in Josh's career
(01:05:33) "Going out to eat"
(01:07:10) Josh's best KG tweets
(01:09:18) Josh's Dream Team of NBA Friends
(01:13:36) Josh's Favorite Cereal
(01:18:10) The best late-night bit

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