BONUS EPISODE: Behind the Mask!! The man who created the San Antonio Spurs Coyote mascot!

Tim Derk appeared in over 1,110 games as the San Antonio Spurs Coyote! In this bonus episode, First Ballot meets the man behind the mascot and learns about his contributions to the t-shirt cannon, his pact with Charles Barkley, plus a story you don't want to miss about his dedication to being a mascot.    Showtime Codes: 
(01:39) The mascots who helped invent the T-shirt cannon  (05:45) The story behind the coyote costume (06:28) How he became a mascot  (09:50) Derk vs. Duncan champion rings (11:15) The move that made the crowd go nuts  (14:41) Derk recounts the time he "fought" with a ref  (17:14) The worst part of being an NBA mascot  (22:35) His pact with Charles Barkley  (27:05) The cost of the T shirt cannon  (28:30) Iterating the T shirt cannon  (30:30) His EXTREME dedication to being the mascot 

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