Bowe vs. Golota with Rafe Bartholomew

In 1996, Riddick Bowe faced off against Andrew Golota in Madison Square Garden. Golota was well on his way to pulling off one of boxing's great upsets, before a series of heinous low blows led to his disqualification, and one of the craziest post-fight melees in all of boxing history. Rafe Bartholomew, writer and author of "Pacific Rims" and NYT Bestseller "Basketball: A Love Story", joins the pod to talk about Filipino culture (10:13), being teammates with Smush Parker (17:55), and if this moment is First Ballot HOF worthy.
Showtime Codes:
(12:50) The Best PBA Team Names  (15:00) Rafe's Phillippines bucket list (17:55) Playing with Smush Parker (31:20) Boxing Nicknames (39:00) Throwing low blows (42:50) Golota's Jail Time (46:56) The chaos of the post-fight melee (58:30) The winner of the post-fight fight (1:09:05) The Fan Man

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