Bruins vs. Panthers Game 7 with Nick Bernstein

The 63-win Boston Bruins won more games this season than any team in NHL history.  And then they faced the Florida Panthers in Round 1 of the 2023 Playoffs.  David vs. Goliath, on ice.  With hockey sticks.  CBS Vice President of Late Night, Nick Bernstein tries to get another long shot into the First Ballot Hall of Fame.
Showtime Codes: 
(8:30) Nick's relationship with hockey (14:50) Neil's attempt at pronouncing names and understanding hockey points (18:55) Explain this in Basketball terms (21:13) Greatest comeback upsets in sports  (37:40) Nick celebrating the Panther's victory (39:30) The winning goal in Neil's own words  (45:58) Other record-breaking teams  (52:11) The worth and value of sports (55:29) A hockey expert's take (1:00:44) The "We Believe" Warriors (1:06:20) The Bill Simmons Impact  

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