Caitlin Clark’s 2023 March Madness with Trysta Krick

Caitlin Clark put together perhaps the best March Madness Tournament run in college basketball history, but does she have one moment good enough for the First Ballot Hall of Fame?  Host of BetMGM Tonight and The Heat Check podcast, Trysta Krick, asks and answers whether Clark is the best college player of all-time, discusses one of the most original basketball calls in the history of TV broadcasting, and gives her Philadelphia 76ers Hot Take!
Showtime Codes: 
(3:08) BWAH
(4:38) Maybe the most important thing we’ve ever done on the show, and perhaps our editor's finest work to date
(14:23) Trade Damian Lillard?  Trysta’s fool proof plan for the Portland Trail Blazers.
(21:14) The truly bonkers statistics behind the Caitlin Clark tourney run
(26:01) Is Caitlin Clark the best college player ever?
(35:08) Neil’s anti-college diatribe
(41:35) How could Caitlin Clark possibly care about college classes?
(44:20) What Trysta and Neil both saw in Clark’s eyes
(52:23) One of the most original basketball calls in the history of broadcasting.  Have you ever heard this from an announcer before?
(53:51) Growing the legend of Caitlin Clark
(54:41) Trysta’s patented, Hall of Fame-worthy, play-by-play calling card 
(55:48) Clark tells Van Lith to shut up
(59:47) Ogunbowale vs. Clark:  who had the better March?
(1:02:51) Caitlin Clark’s unofficial nickname
(1:05:41) Trysta’s 2023 WNBA Championship prediction
(1:07:10) The racial undertones of the Tournament Finals between Iowa and LSU
(1:13:17) Trysta Krick’s 76ers Hot Take

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