Carmelo Collapse with Zach Harper

After bumping into Kevin Durant's chest, Carmelo Anthony completely crumbled! His bizarre decision to continue laying down splayed on the court as the game continued became a hilarious moment in the NBA. Writer for The Athletic, Zach Harper joins the pod to discuss if the collapse is First Ballot worthy and the one player that extraterrestrials should see play. Also, two new game segments!

Showtime Codes: 
(06:07) The best part of the entertainment business: laughter
(08:35) Praise for a First Ballot favorite: Julia Louis Dreyfus 
(13:45) The beginning of Neil and Zach Harper's formal friendship
(15:50) How Jerry Seinfeld made Neil want to get into meditation
(19:58) The vocabulary of this moment: splayed!
(26:40) How J.R. Smith took advantage of the moment 
(28:02) Special segment: The Name Game! 
(54:11) Another Game: This or That! 
(01:01:51) More Important: Quick Hitters
(01:04:11) The one player that extraterrestrials should see 

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