Dennis Rodman's 1998 Bash at the Beach with Peter Rosenberg and Andrew Goldstein

SEASON PREMIERE! Dennis Rodman skipped practice before an NBA finals game to go hit a guy with a steel chair. Esteemed guests, writer and producer Andrew Goldstein and DJ/WWE expert Peter Rosenberg join First Ballot's season premiere to discuss if the '98 Bash at the Beach is worthy of the Hall of Fame, the genius behind pro wrestling, and Shaq's greatest hits.

Showtime codes:
(11:51) Andrew's short stint at WWE
(14:25) Peter's dream job
(19:02) How Peter made Hot 97 a destination for WWE
(20:15) Peter's fashion trend
(24:26) How to do the nut shot
(20:08) Andrew breaks down the genius of pro wrestling
(34:39) Rodman skipping practice
(36:40) Shaq's Greatest Hit
(39:02) DDP and Karl Malone's matching purple pants
(52:00) "Wrestling" on the court
(55:22) Bad Bunny's reputation in wrestling

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