Ep. 132 - And1 Mixtape Tour Doc Reaction & Insight!

On Episode 132 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, hosts Ronnie Flores, Ani Umana and Chelsea Hopkins go hard in the paint on "The Greatest Mixtape Ever", the recently released 30 for 30 about the "Skip Tape" and the And1 Mixtape Tour it inspired.

The ITP crew talks with Ron Naclerio, Skip To My Lou's (Rafer Alston's) high school coach at Cardozo (Queens, N.Y.) and with Matt Rodriguez, Ballislife President.

Naclerio reveals candid details about Alston's upbringing and helping him navigate through middle school and high school, both athletically and academically. Naclerio also dishes on Skip's trails and tribulations from junior college in California, playing one season at Fresno St. and declaring for the 1998 NBA Draft. The colorful coach also details Skip's early pro career and what he received for delivering the game tapes of Skip to AND1. Did Naclerio receive anything and was there any animosity between Alston and the rest of the AND1 Tour members? Naclerio has candid answers!

Rodriguez joins the ITP Show to give his take on the 30 For 30 and his view of the AND1 Mixtape Tour from his perspective then as a fan, and how it inspired him to create a startup basketball company. Rodriguez also talks about the doc's shortcomings and what he learned about the business aspect of the Skip Tape and subsequent tour that he later applied towards Ballislife.

The ITP crew also dishes on their favorite mixtape players of all time, the NBA Finals, USA Basketball tryouts and touch up on future BIL projects. This week's episode uncovers a lot of terrific back stories about the "Skip Tape" the AND1 Mixtape Tour. Make sure to tune in from start to finish!

(0:00) - Intro

(0:40) - Ballislife Gear & shop.ballislife.com Discount Code

(1:40) - ITP YouTube Page & BIL Podcast Network  

(2:02) - NBA Playoffs Update & Finals Predictions!

(11:40) - “The Greatest Mix Tape Ever”: Ani’s Reaction 

(16:10) - “The Greatest Mix Tape Ever”: Ron’s Reaction

(18:45) - “The Greatest Mix Tape Ever”: Chelsea's Reaction

(21:04) - Ron Naclerio (Skip HS Coach) Interview

(23:57) - Naclerio’s Instant Reaction & Greg Marius Backstory

(27:35) - Naclerio on Meeting Skip & Coaching Him

(32:17) - Naclerio on Skip’s Struggles at Cardozo 

(35:38) - Naclerio’s Rafer Playing Stories 

(39:36) - Naclerio on Skip Hooking Up with Tarkanian 

(43:07) - Naclerio on Skip Declaring for NBA Draft 

(47:32) - Naclerio on Skip’s Involvement with AND1 

(50:09) - Naclerio on Players who Just Missed 

(52:47) - Naclerio on Skip Tape Payment from AND1

(54:24) - Naclerio on COVD-19 Impact in NYC

(1:01:30) - Ron on Skip’s Time in California 

(1:06:25) - Ani’s Recollections of AND1

(1:07:43) - Chelsea’s Recollections of AND1 

(1:09:09) - Matt Rodriguez (BIL President) Interview

(1:10:36) - Rodriguez on Watching And1 Mixtapes 

(1:13:15) - Rodriguez on What He Learned From And1 

(1:15:12) - Rodriguez on Following Younger AND1 Stars 

(1:24:57) - Did the “Skip Tape” Birth Mixtapes? 

(1:27:24) - Parallels Between Mixtape Tour & BIL Park Runs

(1:38:10) - Chelsea & Ani Final Thoughts on Doc 

(1:42:25) - Resource Info for Related Streetball Docs/Info

(1:47:21) - Ian Jackson & USA Basketball Updates

(1:53:07) - Upcoming Podcast Schedule & NBA Draft Show
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