Ep. 69 - Racial Injustice

Episode 69 of the “In The Paint” show deals with the topic that is pervading society and sports: Ending systematic racism and police brutality against African Americans across the country. In these unprecedented times, there is no sports topic even worth mentioning that is more important than the reactions to the murder of Minneapolis resident George Floyd by a police officer that was captured on camera and ignited a firestorm of protests that had been festering before the unfortunate incident.
As a result, our special guests for this episode are four African-American men - D'Cean Bryant, Evan Barnes, Lavel Johnson and Charles Williams - of various ages and backgrounds who wanted to share their experiences, and Perry Webster, a white junior college coach basketball coach who wanted to share his experiences growing up in South Orange County and participating and coaching in California’s junior college system (Fullerton JC).
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