Golf's Epic Collapse with Matt Goldich

In 1999, Jean van de Velde had one of the biggest uh-ohs in sports history. With a 3-stroke lead, "Jean Jean Jean" needed just a 6 on the 18th hole to clinch the British Open, but instead orchestrated one of the greatest meltdowns in sports history. Comedy writer Matt Goldich joins the pod to discuss why this collapse is crazy enough to enter the First Ballot Hall of Fame, if his wife thinks he's funny, and some of his greatest tweets.    Showtime Codes:  (3:00) Meat in a can?  (6:10) Matt's journey in comedy (7:50) Matt's short-lived sports broadcasting career (13:30) The problematic nature of Golf (14:00) Matt's Love of the game (19:49) The Crime Scene (32:30) Oh Jean Jean Jean...  (34:50) Jean showing off his bare feet  (40:00) Does your spouse think you're funny?  (49:00) Working on the Late Show with David Letterman (50:20) The life-changing moment in Matt's career (53:30) Neil's Jenny Jones Trailer Park Story (1:00:42) Matt's greatest Tweets  (1:04:02) Best Sports Names (1:05:55) Matt's everyday snack

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