Isaiah Thomas is Cold Blooded with Jake One

The formal introduction of the 5’9’’ inch assassin, Isaiah Thomas, to the national stage. Is a potent mix of IT, Gus Johnson and a sprinkle of March Madness good enough to make the First Ballot Hall of Fame?  Music producer extraordinaire, and one half of the music group Tuxedo, Jake One joins to discuss Seattle sports, listening to Funk Flex drop bombs on his hit record in NYC, and what it’s like to perform a Tiny Desk concert.  Highlights include:
Showtime Codes: 
(6:20) The best and coolest song-production credit of all-time
(15:50) Talking yourself into players on your favorite team   (18:23) The marvel of Isaiah’s height   (21:12) The need for constant national rankings in all sports   (24:23) Classic college kid move.  How the Huskies lose to UNC in the NCAA Tournament   (27:36) The power and majesty of Gus Johnson   (30:00) Jake One with the perfect First Ballot addition:  the importance of the sounds of a buzzer beater   (34:03) What Isaiah Thomas means to Seattle basketball fans   (34:53) How Jake’s career starts in the music industry   (37:00) Jake One’s That Thing You Do Moment in NYC.   (41:00) The songs that changed Jake One’s life   (47:38) The beauty in rooting against other teams   (54:16) What it’s like to do a Tiny Desk concert   (56:06) Isaiah waves off head coach   (58:49) The Mount Rushmore of Seattle Sports   (1:00:13) The Isaiah Thomas Towel Story   (1:01:21) Neil talks about working on The Jenny Jones Show   (1:05:03) The Official College Basketball Fan of the First Ballot Podcast weighs in   (1:08:00) Surprising answer to "which athlete is the best rapper?"   (1:09:30) The power of good sports branding  

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