Kareem in Airplane! with Nick Bernstein

“I’m sorry son, but you must have me confused with someone else,” is a famous line from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 1980 appearance in the movie Airplane! Deciding whether Abdul-Jabbar’s piloting of the skies is First Ballot worthy is none other than First Ballot MVP and SVP of Late Night West Coast at ViacomCBS, Nick Bernstein. Nick and Neil talk the strike, Nick's movie basketball player dream team, and if Kareem was wearing a jockstrap. Plus, a special appearance from Rob the editor! 

Showtime Codes: 
(6:43) Recapping Nick's FBHOF W-L Record 
(9:16) A special guest appearance: Rob the editor! 
(11:30) More Important: Nick's surprising movie picks! 
(12:48) Favorite Athlete Cameo in Film and TV
(16:56) Something that kicks ass? Nick's SHOCKING answer
(21:16) Interestings stats: negotiating for a rug. 
(31:12) What never happened with famous people in sports
(34:35): "Busting my buns"
(36:45): Is Kareem wearing a jock?
(44:50): Kareem's acting credits
(53:00) Game Segment: Kareem movie trivia!
(55:23): Dream Team Game: The greatest movie basketball players
(01:02:26) Is Neil on the same level as Marc Maron?
(01:07:50) A special encore

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