Kobe Tell Me How My Ass Taste with ItsTheReal

“Kobe, tell me how my ass taste" should have been the headline when TMZ broke Shaq's freestyle diss to his former teammate. Joining the pod, the legendary musical storytellers and hosts of of The Blog Era, Jeff and Eric Rosenthal from ItsTheReal break down the moment, talk about what makes a good roast, and if this was really a freestyle. 

Showtime Codes:
(07:05) Best rapper to make mouth gun sounds
(07:53) Favorite rap comedy song 
(14:35) ItsTheReal dream project 
(15:03) This or That! 
(27:50) How good of a rapper is Shaq?
(33:05) What makes a good roast 
(40:19) Was this really a freestyle?
(01:03:07) Biggest moment of ItsTheReal's Career
(01:16:16) Most Important: Best White Rapper?
(01:17:00) Most Important: Funniest rap song

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