Kobe's Final Game with Van Lathan Jr.

Kobe Bryant's 60-point farewell was one of the greatest salutes to a career. Here to discuss Kobe's finale and whether it's First Ballot worthy is none other than the incredible co-host of the Higher Learning podcast, Oscar-winner, Van Lathan Jr., who discusses Kobe's legacy, great sports nicknames, and the moment that changed everything in his career.

Showtime Codes:
(12:20) What Van Lathan Jr. wanted to be when he grew up
(14:00) How the movie Do The Right Thing changed Van Lathan Jr. 
(16:10) The movie that made Neil want to be a professional armwrestler 
(18:40) Van's weight loss journey
(25:30) How Neil's mother inspires his inquiries into his own health and wellness journey
(32:10): Van describes his playing style 
(33:13) Van Lathan Jr.'s player comp: Paul Pierce
(35:50) "I don't think that anybody has ever had a final game that is more emblematic"
(43:10) How Kobe makes people question their own mortality
(46:50) The autographs that Van has 
(52:30) What Neil will remember from the game 
(55:15) A moment that changed Van Lathan Jr.'s career 
(58:15) The question Van has for the Warrior players 
(01:00:48) "The trance of greatness"
(01:04:20) Van Lathan still watches the recording 
(01:06:10) The game that made Neil cry 
(01:07:15) Devil's advocate: Mamba Out 
(01:09:48) Best sports nickname
(01:14:00) The part of the game that made Neil tear up
(01:17:28) The beverage Neil doesn't like (and it's not water)
(01:17:53) Neil shocked at Van's favorite movie 
(01:19:20) Van's favorite dunk 
(01:20:15) The criteria for a hall of fame 

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