LeBron Buries Jason Terry with Niles Abston

In 2013, fueled by two years of resentment after losing to Jason Terry and the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA finals, LeBron James pulled off one of the most incredible casket dunks ever. Comedian and writer on DAVE, Niles Abston joins the pod to discuss his journey to Hollywood (10:30), working with Lil' Dicky (39:40), and if the Miami Heat burying Jason Terry is worthy of the First Ballot Hall of Fame.  
Showtime Codes: 
(5:40) The King of all "ad reads" (9:09) Bo Jackson vs Deion Sanders (10:30) D1 Athlete to Writer (13:42) Lebron James destroyed stats (18:35) Jason Terry got JUMPED (22:40) Niles' start in stand-up (27:51) The dream stand-up line-up (35:10) Writing on DAVE (37:19) The defining moments of Niles' career  (39:40) Is Lil' Dicky hateable? (42:15) The best LeBron James moments (47:47) The untouchable topics in comedy

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