LET'S GO with Matthew Driscoll

Special guest University of North Florida's coach Matthew Driscoll joins the pod to talk about the surprising way that "Let's Go" got taken to the next level, the best "Let's Go", and a special live demo. Let's Gooooooo!
Showtime Codes: 
(4:00) What would it take for Matthew Driscoll to be the winningest coach? (4:40) A live demo of Let's Goooooo! (5:15) How Let's Go got created (5:42) The different types of Let's Go (7:40) Matthew Driscoll teaching career  (8:33) Matthew Driscoll's coaching style  (9:39) The first Let's Go (14:42) How the team made SportsCenter Not So Top Ten  (17:05) What coach likes doing and not doing during Let's Go (24:49) Rating Matthew's Driscoll's Let's Go!  (25:40) Is he the best of at screaming Let's Go (27;00) When is Let's Go disrespectful  (30:35) Favorite pep talk  (35:45)  Best player he's coached and best player he's ever seen played against  (37:56) Great tweets about Let's Go (38:40) The surprising tweet that helped Let's Go go to another level 

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