NBA Ref's Forced Retirement with Mikey Wyllin

Normally retirements are celebrated with lots of fanfare, jerseys hanging in rafters, gold statues, and maybe even cake. But in August of 2023, NBA referee, Eric Lewis announced his abrupt retirement after NBA Twitter sleuths discovered the ref's burner account. @Mikeyyy_Wyllin, NBA Twitter Detective and newly appointed second-best Laker fan, joins the pod to discuss how his investigation caused an NBA ref to retire, meeting Eric Lewis, and the best NBA Twitter scandals. 

Showtime Codes:
(7:22) @Mikeyyy_Wyllin's Integrity as a Detective
(13:50) Did the legalization of sports betting cost a man his career?
(20:05) Eric Lewis' following list
(22:24) Baiting Eric Lewis
(28:01) Eric Lewis ages himself
(31:43) The Humaness of Eric Lewis
(34:09) Eric Lewis still uses AOL
(46:45) Mikeyyy's theories on Eric's retirement
(50:48) Eric Lewis' Best Tweets
(1:04:58) #1 Brother Behavior
(1:06:49) The KD and Colangelo Burner Accounts
(1:09:06) Mikeyyy meeting Eric Lewis 

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