Randy Johnson Kills A Bird with Alison Agosti

Randy Johnson is known for a lot of things: his perfect game, for being a hall of famer, his occasionally prickly personality...But, Randy Johnson will forever be infamous for his perfect pitch which ended a bird's life during spring training. Brilliant comedy writer (and animal lover) Alison Agosti joins the pod to help decide whether this moment is inducted and talks about witchcraft and destiny (15:28), potentially being anti-bird (52:10), and her love of Derek Jeter. 
Showtime Codes:  (06:40) The player who won Alison's heart (08:32) The pathway to dating a professional athlete (13:28) A Brand New Credential: Witchcraft!  (15:28) Did a bird save a man's life? (27:48) An alternate bird story: Dave Winfield and the "Big Dead Bird" (29:55) Is this Randy's most famous pitch? (33:00) Assisted Bird Suicide--was the bird asking for it? (37:19) The case of premeditated bird murder  (40:54) First Ballot's official veterinarian gives his medical opinion (44:53) The collective shock and the fakers in the crowd.  (45:50) Neil's guilt of having perfect aim (52:10) Is Alison Anti Bird? (56:20) Fabio and the Bird Strike (1:08:53) Twitter Fingers: The Game!  (1:15:50) Best Reality TV Show (1:18:19) Alison's The Office Hot Take (1:20:09) Blowing up her life for this special man

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