Sammy Sosa's 20 HR month with Oz Rodriguez

In June of 1998, Sammy Sosa hit 20 home runs, setting the record for the most home runs in a month. Emmy award winning director Oz Rodriguez joins the pod to talk about Sammy Sosa's historic month, the most intimidating actors to work with, and working on SNL.

Showtime Codes:
(2:15) The Best Bread
(6:07) Growing up in the Dominican Republic
(8:25) The Hype of Felipe López 
(15:25) Pedro Martinez vs David Ortiz 
(16:40) Working with Joe Pesci
(19:05) The most intimidating people to work with
(22:20) Oz and Wrestling
(30:06) Favorite Names for a Home Run
(33:14) Cable in the DR 
(40:02) Sammy Sosa Fun Facts
(42:23) Sammy's Iconic Trot 
(44:05) The 20th HR and fans on the field
(46:33) Oz's favorite internet sketch
(48:25) Working on SNL
(52:07) Pitching Lorne Michaels a sketch
(1:02:13) The Babe Ruth Bat Controversy
(1:05:52) The Steroids Question
(1:07:37) Oz's Proudest Project
(1:09:31) A top 25 Sports Name
(1:13:56) The funniest athlete of all time

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