Shohei Ohtani's Double Header with Hannah Keyser

On July 23rd, 2023 Shohei dominated in a double-header against the Detroit Tigers, throwing a one-hitter in the first game and hitting two home runs in the second. Hannah Keyser, National Baseball writer at Yahoo Sports and creator of the Bandwagon podcast, joins the pod to discuss if Shohei's double-header is worthy of the First Ballot Hall of Fame, her favorite tri-colored pasta, and her Baseball Movie Dream Team.

Showtime Codes:
(06:27) The Best Tri-Colored Pasta in the Tri-State Area is in South Jersey?
(09:42) The Nacho that changed Neil's life
(10:17) The magic of unique baseball roles
(17:58) Going back in time: will Shohei get traded?
(21:50) Someone else did it first??
(24:15) We need more Japanese culture in baseball
(29:17) First Ballot Game: THIS or THAT
(32:07) Someone is MAD
(33:18) A "once ever player"
(38:17) Is Shohei better than Ichiro?
(40:39) Angels collide: Ohtani vs Trout
(45:45) Unpacking Neil's fear: flyaway balls
(47:10) Dream Team!! Baseball Movie Edition
(50:00) Are bat flips disrespectful?
(53:31) Cats kick ass

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